About Us

About Our UK Business DirectoryHandbook

This business directory was formed by Extremidy a business management company dedicated to helping small UK businesses get noticed. Our aim is for small businesses to connect, grow and succeed by providing them with the right support and assistance. We provide professional services aimed to assist business owners to run and manage their business.  We also offer them a chance to network with like minded business, and create a community where everyone supports each other.

Why Use Directories

Listing your business on directories is important for your online web presence, internet user will use search engines like google and bing to find local businesses. Search engines we show the results of the most useful sites to the user, which is based on how many back-links a site has, how often the site is updated and how relevant the content is. Having your business listed on directories and social media sites, also helps search engines find your content.


Adding to directories


You can start by looking your business up on Google by name to see where you already have listings that need to be claimed. These are going to be the easiest, in many cases, because the listing is already there. Most local business directories offer a link to help you start the process. Then all you need to do is update your listing. Then begin finding  general, local and industry-specific sites to add you listings too. You should also aim to be listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp.

But to get started you can start here and add your listing to our Directory.

To find out more about what we do or to become a client please find us on Extremidy.